Pet Life Of A Countryside Cat

countryside cat cartoon

I am living a countryside cat life. This is the home where I stay. People here behaves good to me. They look after me very well. I love them and do good things for them. My job is to kill rats, which often come to destroy crops. I love doing things differently, because it gives some sort of happiness!

I am also the leader of the local cat community. At times we gather together to discuss the issues we are facing, and to share our feelings. The most discussed thing in our meetings is about being an abandoned cat. As long as we’re smart and entertaining, we are admired by the people. As we get old, we are mercilessly abandoned by some owners.

I heard you asking me my favorite hobby.Yes, you guessed it right, it’s fishing. I go to the small river on the countryside and catches fish with ease. I just love my cat life.

Next time when you visit the countryside, look for me. I am there waiting for you to hear your story.


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