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An Elephant Love Story

It was a fine Monday morning, the zoo has a new guest, a big male elephant. He was a real tusker with long legs and trunk. He was brought to that zoo from another zoo thousands of miles away.

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After getting down from the big truck, accompanied by the zoo workers, he looked around. He saw a young female elephant. She was the most beautiful elephant in that zoo. The male elephant he stood there for a few seconds. Both the elephants exchanged glances each other. He stared at her for a few seconds, smiled at her, and walked away. The female elephant was very happy at his friendly gesture. 

After a few days, the zoo workers brought the male elephant to the female elephant. They knew that the elephants loved each other very much. “Hello, nice to meet you, where are you from?” the female elephant asked. “That’s a long story, I am coming from another zoo that is far away in a place, another continent. Here everything is new to me. I liked this place, and liked you too!” he said. The female elephant stood there shy and silent.

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