Monkey Banana Proposal

monkey eating banana cartoon, proposal

Hi Dear, Let Me Propose You!

Hi Kids, I am a monkey, with a born appetite for bananas. Luckily, the place I live in a banana plantation. The banana fruit here tastes great, which all monkeys love to eat. We know when it’s ripe, it turns yellow. Eating this great fruit regularly helps us strong and smart. I jump from one tree to another without losing balance. I go places jumping from tree to tree. Don’t worry, I will not fall, because I am good at fast jumping from one tree to another.

One day, I met a young and beautiful lady monkey. I proposed her by hanging from a tree with a banana on my hand. I was sure she will fall in my banana proposal. Yes, she did, after all, she is too a monkey. She became my wife. We have three kids now living a peaceful life.

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