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Monkey Banana Proposal

Hi Dear, Let Me Propose You!

Hi Kids, I am a monkey born with an appetite for bananas. Luckily, the place I live here is a banana plantation. The fruit tastes great, which all monkeys love to eat. We know when it’s ripe, it turns yellow. Eating a banana helps us to stay strong.

I jump from one tree to another without losing balance. That’s the way we used to travel. I go places jumping from tree to tree. Don’t worry, I will not fall. Because I am good at fast jumping from one tree to another.

One day, I met a young and beautiful lady monkey. I proposed to her by hanging from a tree with a banana in my hand. I was sure she would fall into my banana proposal. Yes, she did! after all, she too loved bananas. She became my wife. We have three kids now living a peaceful life.o

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