Monkey Loves Eating Banana


monkey eating banana cartoon

Hello there!

Hi Kids, I am a monkey born with a love for bananas. The place I live is full of banana plantations. The fruit here tastes great, all monkeys love the taste of bananas.We wait for the outer covering to turn yellow, the fruit becomes sweet. Eating banana regularly help me strong and smart. I jump from one tree to another without loosing balance. I go places jumping from tree to tree. Don’t worry, I will not fall, because I am good at fast jumping from one tree to another.

One day, I met an young and beautiful lady monkey, I proposed her hanging from a tree with a banana on my hand. She became my wife and we have three kids now.

You might have seen me when you visited a zoo or a forest.where we live as a family, a big family with lot of members. We love each other and share the food, so that none of us will never die of hunger.

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