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The Most Beautiful Cat In The World

The countryside cat was wandering here and there. Every day, he has to do something new. Visit the local fish market to get some great food, come back home for a long sleep, chit chat with the birds were his daily routine. He loved his joy life, and people were familiar with his daily routine.

The house he was staying had a small girl named Andrea. She looked after the cat giving all the comfort she could. Life was so easy for him until one day a new young and handsome cat appeared. He gained a lot of popularity in no time. Our cat became sad, decided the leave the countryside.  So he wanted to say goodbye to his best friend, a bird, who was living in the nearby tree of his home.

When the bird came home, the cat said to her that he is leaving the countryside and she will not see him anymore. But the bird asked the cat not to leave the place. “Dear cat, you are the most beautiful cat in the world, not because you are handsome, but you are doing good things and helping others. That word of appreciation changed his mind. He stayed back and continued to live as a happy cat again.

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