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I Will Not Play In The Rain Again

baby elephant enjoying the rain
Wow, It's Raining!

The baby elephant was happy, as she didn’t have to go to school. It was heavily raining. The heavy rain marked the end of summer and drought. The rain was a great relief to the animals. Her mom asked the baby elephant to stay back while she goes and finds something to eat. After a few hours of sitting idle and sleeping, the elephant got bored. “I have to do something adventurous,” she said to herself and started playing in the rain. “Wow, playing in the rain is so much fun,” she thought.

When her mom came back home in the evening, she saw her baby very weak, can’t even walk. Immediately she took the baby to an elephant doctor. After a thorough examination, the doctor said that the baby elephant is suffering from high fever. The doctor gave her some medicines and asked her to take rest at home for a few days. The baby elephant was sad, as she will not be able to play with her friends until she recovers. “I will not play in the rain again,” she said to herself.

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