Life Of A Circus Elephant

circus elephant

The Bell Is Ringing, Time For The Next Show!

Hi Kids, You might be wondering what I am doing here. I’m getting ready for my next show. Working as a circus elephant, I have a busy schedule. I know a lot of tricks, all learned from here, my circus tent. Ever since i was a kid I always wanted to be a circus elephant. Now here I am, a trained circus elephant performing ticks, no other elephant can perform. 

First, I cycle around the stage, followed by other tricks. The last item we do is a group dance, in which all the elephants in the circus dance to the tune played by our great music composer Mr.Tom. Kids laugh and enjoy all our show. I love kids all.

Living a circus elephant life has its problems too. Every day, I have to get up early, practice tough tricks under a strict trainer. But it is not boring, I enjoy my circus life when kids are laughing at the tricks I perform on the stage.


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