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Baby Lion Caught In Wildfire

Anybody there? Help me!

It was a hot summer afternoon. The cute baby lion was sleeping alone on the rooftop of his cave. He woke up from the sleep, hearing some strange noises. It was from the running animals, who were fleeing from a wildfire.  A rabbit stopped at the lion’s cave and told him to escape from the coming wildfire. Instead of listening to the rabbit’s advice, the lion laughed at it. He said that no wildfire will ever dare to touch a Lion’s cave. Without saying anything, the poor rabbit ran for his life to a safe place.

The lion continued its sleep until the wildfire touched his cave. Hot high flames danced around the baby lion. He found himself trapped in the middle of high flames. He couldn’t see anything, only big yellow flames dancing around him. He cried for help, but nobody was there to help him. “Only if I had listened to the rabbit, I could have saved myself,” he cursed himself.

He had a difficult time inside the flames. After a lot of struggling, he somehow managed to come out of the wildfire but suffered several burns on his body. He ran to a nearby lake and dived into it.  The lion learned a great lesson the hard way. Listen to advice, even if it is from somebody smaller or weaker than you.



Wildfire destroys forests


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