Frog And The Duck, Escape From The Gunpoint!

frog on duckback

A frog befriends with a duck. One day, the duck agreed to take the frog for a ride. “Oh, you are so kind. Thanks for allowing me to take a ride on your back. I will call it a duck back ride. It’s a pleasant experience,” the frog said. Over a period of time, their friendship grew. They lived in a peaceful lake. Good friends are like that. They helped each other and come forward when one of them is in danger.

One day a duck hunter came to their place. The ducks were upset because he had a cruel reputation for killing ducks without missing his aim. He was a sharpshooter too! One day he spotted frog’s friend, aimed his gun towards the poor duck. The frog saw the duck hunter aiming the gun at his friend, getting ready to shoot.

Immediately, the frog sprang into action, signaled the duck with a big frog cry, Chrome, Chrome. The duck had a narrow escape from the gunpoint, only because of the frog’s timely action. The duck thanked and praised the frog for his timely action. If he had not intervened, by this time they would have been dead. See, even if you are small, you can help others with your timely intervention.


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