A Duck Back Travel

frog on duckback

I Just Love This!

Would you mind taking me for a ride? the frog asked the duck. “Why not? Just jump on,” the duck said. The frog sat on the duck back. It was an entirely new experience for the frog. He never had a duck back travel. Whenever the frog requested a ride, other ducks rejected him and were angry. But here is one friendly duck, who not only accepted the frog as his friend, and even allowed him to take a ride. 

“Wow, it’s a fantastic experience traveling on a duck back. Today, I feel so lucky. Every frog should try to travel on the duck back. I am going to reward you, I know a place you will find very interesting” the frog said. Both the duck and the frog traveled a long distance through the lake.

In the evening, the duo reached a new place. They were surprised to see so many ducks and frogs! The duck and the frog got many friends. “Hey, frog, thanks for taking me to this place. I am going to stay here,” said the duck. “I too,” said the frog. 

Ok, folks, the story will not end here. Read another duck and frog story.

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