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A Duck Back Travel

I Just Love This!

The green frog was new to the pond. There he met a cute little duck. The frog and the duck became friends quickly. The frog always fantasized about a trip sitting on the back of a duck. So the frog asked the duck “Would you mind taking me for a ride?”.

“Why not? Just jump on,” the duck said. With a long leap, the frog sat on the duck’s back. It was an entirely new experience for the frog. He never had a duck back travel. In the past, other ducks rejected the frog’s request for a ride, but here is one friendly duck, who not only accepted the frog as his friend but even allowed him to take a ride. 

“Wow, it’s a fantastic experience traveling on a duck back. Today, I feel so lucky. Every frog should try to travel on the duck’s back. I am going to reward you, I know a place you will find very interesting” the frog said. Both the duck and the frog traveled a long distance through the lake.

In the evening, the duo reached a new place. They were surprised to see so many ducks and frogs! The duck and the frog got many friends. “Hey, frog, thanks for taking me to this place. I am going to stay here,” said the duck. “I too,” said the frog. 

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