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migratory birds flying over the mountains

On A Migration Trail!

“Hi folks, tomorrow we are flying to a faraway place, thousands of miles away from here. It’s our migration in search of good food and climate. Are you ready?” asked the squadron leader of the migratory birds.  “Ok boss, we are ready for the flight.” all the birds raised their wings and cried aloud. “Then you have to assemble here at sharp six ‘O’ clock, and we will start our journey.” the squadron leader bird said.

Next day, all the birds started flying to an unknown territory, to a different continent. The bird who was taking the lead was flying before them. They formed a “V” shape, to avoid air resistance. They have to fly thousands of miles non-stop. There was a headwind towards the north, which helped the birds to glide and save their energy. Above the mountains, rivers, deserts they fly, but won’t stop until they reach their destination.

Suddenly the leader warned the birds to change direction. He saw a hunter aiming at them. The hunter shot, and one bird fell. “Don’t stop or panic, please continue flying, if we stop, the hunter will kill all of us” was the instruction by the squadron leader. Losing their dear friend was painful, but they had to fly.

After days of flying, they reached their new destination. It’s their home for the coming months.

How do these migratory birds find their route? That’s a mystery only God knows.

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