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The Fox Doctor Treatment

a rabbit and fox

It was winter, a snowy day. Thick snow has covered all the places. The little rabbit is traveling to visit his grandmother, who was living a few miles away.

“Where are you going, my cute young rabbit,” a fox was trying to befriend the baby rabbit. “I am going to see my grandmother, who is ill. I need to take her to a good doctor,” the rabbit said.

“Oh, I am so sorry about your grandmother. I am a Doctor myself. I can help you, can I come with you?” the cunning fox asked the rabbit, with a wicked intention to eat both the rabbits together.  “Why not? It’s so nice of you. My grandmother will be happy to see you, doctor.” Both of them reached grandmother’s house by noon. 

Grandma rabbit saw her dear grandson coming with the cunning fox. She didn’t waste any time, hide in the backyard with the door wide opened.  The baby rabbit and the fox searched for the grandma inside the house, but nobody was there. So the baby rabbit asked the fox to sit inside the house, while he searches for his grandma. As soon as he came out of the house, grandma rabbit closed the door and locked it.  The fox got trapped inside the house.  They left the place to baby rabbit’s home. After a few days without having food and water, the fox died out of hunger.

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