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Story Of A Special Friendship

It was a midsummer afternoon. The dog was sleeping after a heavy lunch. “Hi, cute dog, why are you sleeping on a great day like this? It’s time to play,” a sweet voice awoke the dog. He saw a beautiful blue butterfly flying around him.  “There is nobody to play with me. I am alone here, I have no friends,” the dog shared his sadness with the butterfly. “Don’t worry, we can be friends, let’s play together. Can you catch me?” the butterfly was flying around him, and the dog started chasing her.  She was a smart butterfly, so that dog couldn’t catch her. They played for a while. Every day, the butterfly will come to the dog, and they played together.

One day she didn’t come. The dog thought she must be busy with some other things. After a few days, she appeared again. This time she was too tired. The dog asked her what happened to her. She said while flying around a flower, she was attacked by a honeybee and got injured and it hurts her when flying. “Oh, I am very sorry to hear about that, but you can live with me, I will take care of you for the rest of your life,” the dog said. It was a new beginning for both of them. They stayed together for the rest of their life.

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