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The Bird And The Dancing Tree

A small bird lived on the top of a betelnut tree.  A betelnut tree grows in a straight line, tall and very thin.  When the wind blows, the tree swing to both sides. Due to this, the birds, mother and her children, who lived on the top of the tree had no peace of mind.  The mother bird was always afraid that someday they will fall from the top of the tree.

One day, the bird asked the tree stop dancing when there is wind. “Kids are frightened with their dancing home, please stop doing that,” the bird requested the tree. The tree said that he is helpless, because he is very thin and can’t withstand the mighty wind. But he promised her that her family will be safe with him. 

On a hot summer afternoon, the wind began to whistle. The tree began to swing making frightening the poor birds. The tree tried its best to avoid any causalities. But the wind was so strong that anytime the bird family could reach the ground.  But the betelnut tree didn’t want the birds to lose their life or home.  It bent its leaves in such a way as to cover the bird’s home.  After the wind subsided, the family was safe. The bird thanked the tree for the protection he made to save her family from death. They continued to live there without being afraid of any wind.

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