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The Story Of An Unusual Friendship


rogue elephant

The elephant kept on running towards the jeep. Unfortunately, the jeep was not starting. They had no choice but to stay where they were. The black tusker stopped right there behind the jeep starting at them.  “Jack, be careful with the animal, he seems very aggressive. If we make even a single move, he will kill us.”  Liz whispered to her husband. 

But instead of charging at them, the elephant took an unexpected move. It turned its back to the jeep and walked away. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Why the elephant spared them was a mystery for them, but not for the driver who drove them.  Both the driver and the elephant were friends a long time ago.  After so many years, it was a surprise meeting for both the elephant and the jeep driver. He told his exciting story to the couple about the unusual friendship he had with the animal years ago. Now the novelist couple has a great thread for a new story to write.

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