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The Frightened Elephant

Why she is slow?

The elephant in the National Park had a bad behavior of chasing the cars passing through the national park. Over the hilltop, he will stand watching for any car passing through his place. As soon as he spots one, he will start chasing it. Why was he doing it? just for fun, he just wanted to frighten people by chasing the vehicle.

One day the elephant saw a small pink car passing before him. “Here comes my next fun, let me chase her and give her a shock,” the elephant thought. He started chasing her, but she didn’t mind the chasing elephant. The car didn’t notice the chasing elephant, it was moving slowly, completely ignoring the beast chasing her. The elephant was angry because he couldn’t understand why the car is just ignoring him.

Suddenly, the pink car stopped. The elephant got frightened, as it was an unexpected action by the pink car. He thought the car would attack him. The elephant turned back and began to run to hide. Why the pink car stopped?  It stopped because one of its tires got punctured. That is why she was moving slowly and didn’t notice the presence of the elephant because she was more worried about the punctured tire.

This story provides us a lesson for all of us. An unexpected turn of the event can make even the bravest frightened.

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