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The Tree And Birds, A Story Of Mutual Help

Let's Sing Another Song About Friendship

We’re Happy On This Tree!

Some birds lived peacefully in a tree. It was their sweet home for many years. Every morning, they sing songs before they go out to work. In the evening, the birds come from work. They sit on the tree, chatting and singing the chorus until it’s night. Both the tree and the birds enjoyed their special relationship.

One day, a woodcutter came to cut the tree. With his axe, he was starting to cut the tree. Seeing the woodcutter in action, the birds began to plead with the man not to cut their beloved tree, they will lose their home. Moved by the plea of the birds, the woodcutter didn’t cut that tree and went to another tree.

The other tree has no birds living in it. So there was nobody to plead. That tree never allowed any birds to make it their home. Woodcutter started cutting the tree, and within a few hours, the big tree fell down. See how mutual help can save our life sometimes.

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Stop cutting trees, save the birds!


Trees are life savers!

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