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Never Try Something You Have No Experience


lion on a boat

It’s Fun,Look at me doing this!

“One day I will sail in that boat,” the lion said to himself. He was very fond of the boat. Every day he came to the riverbank to see how the fisherman is rowing the boat. He thought it is easy to control the boat. He wanted to take the boat himself to the river to do some fishing. One fine day, he got an opportunity, the fisherman was sick that day, so he didn’t come for fishing.

So the lion decided to test his boating skills. He jumped onto the boat and started pushing the boat to the river with the paddle. He became happy to get the boat moving. In the beginning, everything was just fine. But after he reached around the middle of the river, the boat was misbehaving. He tried hard to control the boat, but the boat was going without any direction. To his utter disappointment, it was moving without any control.

There was a strong wind, which took him to a nearby village. The village folks had a pleasant surprise. They screamed, “see who is coming in the boat, a lion.” They caught the lion for their local zoo, which was missing a lion. He cursed himself for trying out something he didn’t have any experience. The poor lion had to spend the rest of his life in a cage inside the zoo.

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