A Short Biography Of A Sequoia Story

big sequoia tree

Hi kids, I am Sequoia, a tree with thousands of years of history behind me. Some of you might have seen me in the National park, or at least would have read in books. When I say thousands of years of history behind me, you can imagine how far it goes. Even when Jesus Christ was on the earth, I was here. I am the oldest living tree in the world today.

A Secured Home For Them!

For generations after generations, I have been home to a number of animals in the wild. Snakes, birds and squirrels, all found their home inside me. I protected them from rain and harsh climates. I have survived many thunderstorms. Even if I am old, I am happy. Many visitors come to me and take selfies and photographs. I am proud that everybody loves me. Thank you all. Hope to see you soon!

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