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No Flood Will Ever Dare To Touch My Home, You Bet!

snake and the rabbits
Let's Plan To Escape Before The Flood Reaches!

“Hey, folks, why are you talking so loudly? It’s disturbing my sleep. Go away,” the snake got angry with the rabbits.

“Sorry to disturb you sir, but we got a reliable news that there is a big flood heading towards us. We were planning to leave this place and were discussing about it. If you want to save your life, just leave your home and escape to a safe place.” The rabbits told the snake. This advice made snake more angry. “No flood will ever dare to touch my home as long as I am here. Who are you to advise me? Go away,” and the snake continued sleeping.

“Ok, we are leaving this place as soon as possible. Just wanted to let you know about the flood. Goodbye,” the rabbits ran for their life. Soon the floodwaters reached the snake’s home, and he got trapped inside his home and died.

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