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The Story Of A Happy Reunion

Why you cry baby?

“Why are you sitting lonely and crying?” the lion asked the baby elephant. “Have you seen my mother? It’s a long time since she left me here.  I feel something wrong with her. Can you help me?” the baby elephant asked the lion tears flowing. Moved by baby elephant’s request, the lion told him not to worry, and he will go and find out what happened to his mother.

The lion started his search to find out the missing elephant. He searched for the elephant in different places, where he thought the elephant would have gone. Suddenly the lion heard the sound of a crying elephant. He saw a crying elephant being pulled from a bottomless pit by the elephant hunters. Other elephants who were trained by the elephant hunters were helping the elephant to come out of the pit. The lion was sure it was the baby elephant’s missing mother.

Hiding in a bush, he waited for the right opportunity to attack the hunters. As soon as the elephant came out of the pit, he jumped upon the hunters by roaring. The sudden attack made the hunters run away for their life.  During that time, the elephant escaped and ran towards her son. The lion was happy when he saw the happy reunion of the mother and her child.  They thanked the lion for his timely help.

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