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Who Will Help Little Browny?

I want to come out of this pit

One day, while playing, Browny the baby elephant accidentally fell into a deep pit. Feeling helpless and scared, the baby elephant cried out for help, wondering how it could escape.

Soon, a lion appeared, and the baby elephant asked for its help. However, the lion refused, stating that it was busy hunting. A tiger also came by, but it was in a hurry to fight a bear, and so it too refused to help.

Several other animals passed by, but none offered their aid. Just when the baby elephant had lost all hope, a small bird flew over and noticed its predicament. The bird felt sorry for the baby elephant and offered to help.

The bird had an idea and flew to the meadows where the elephants were resting. It told the baby elephant’s mother about the situation and requested her help. The mother elephant, along with its herd, rushed to the pit and rescued the baby elephant.

Everyone was grateful to the little bird for its timely help. This story teaches us that size doesn’t matter, and the willingness to help others is what counts.

Story Discussion

Joe: Somebody please come forward to help this poor guy.

Zac: Little browny is in trouble helped by the bird.

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