Helping Browny

elephant in the pit

It was a fine morning, Browny the baby elephant, who was playing around, fell into the pit. He looked around for some help, but who can help him out?

Here comes a lion, the baby elephant called out to the lion loudly, “hey Mr.Lion, can you help me to come out of this pit?” but the lion didn’t take notice of his plea for help. Then came a tiger, baby elephant called for help, but the tiger also ignored his plea for help. Some more animals have passed through that place, but nobody offered help.

Finally The Help Is Coming

After sometime, a small bird came that way. As usual, the baby elephant called for help. The bird felt pity for the elephant and offered his help. But how can a small bird help an elephant to come out of the pit?

The bird flew to the place where the baby elephant’s family were gazing. “Hey, your son is fell into a pit and needs your help,” the bird called out loudly. All the elephants at once rushed to the place where the baby was inside the pit. Together, they delivered the baby elephant out of the pit. Everybody thanked the little bird for his timely help.


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