Who Will Help Little Browny?

elephant in the pit

Browny, the baby elephant fell into a pit while playing around. “Oh, God, what shall I do now? how do I come out of this pit? it’s too deep for me!” he started crying for help, but who can help him out of the pit?

A lion came that way, the baby elephant requested the lion for his help. “Hey Mr.Lion, can you help me to come out of this pit?” brownie said. “I am too busy hunting, look for somebody else,” he said and walked away.  Then came a tiger, baby elephant asked for help. “I am sorry dear, but I am going for a fight, so I can’t help you. It’s already late,” the tiger also had a smart excuse and walked away. Some more animals have passed through that place, but nobody offered help.
Finally, a small bird came that way. She saw the baby elephant inside the pit. The bird felt pity for the baby and offered his help. But how can a small bird help an elephant to come out of the pit?

The bird had an idea. “Don’t worry baby, I will help you out. You will be out of this pit soon,” and she flew to the baby elephant’s mother. The elephants were in the meadows taking some rest. “Hey, your son is trapped in a pit and needs your help,” the bird told his mother. All the elephants came running to the elephant baby. Together, they delivered the baby elephant out of the pit. Everybody thanked the little bird for his timely help.

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