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A National Park Encounter


lion smiling at the car

“Ah, here comes another visitor. I am fed up with these crazy tourists. Living in a National park is safe and secure, except these silly animal lovers,” thought the lion when he saw a car coming on his way. It was a cute brown car. The car stopped very near to the lion, he could hear people in the car screaming with excitement. From his body language he made it clear that he is not interested in the new guests.

The car greeted the lion. “Hello Mr. Lion, how are you?” “I am fine, but I don’t like visitors like these to invade my privacy,” the lion said. “But Mr.Lion, you see, how these people are screaming with excitement. You are a real hero for them. They’re taking your photos with their high-end cameras. Who knows you become famous by getting published in one of those International wildlife magazines.” the car said.  This made the lion quite happy, and he smiled at the camera.

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