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Happiest Elephant In The World

Love You All!

Hi kids, Hope you all had a great vacation. Let me introduce you first. I am Jingo the elephant living in a forest. Today is a hot day here. There was no rain for the past few months. We have to walk few miles to get some water. I have got a big family. Living in a big family is fun. Surrounded by my big family, I feel so safe and secured. Wherever we go we go together.

Every day we move from one place to another looking for good food and water. Last summer we had a tough time without water. We were travelling to a place miles away from our home in search of water. I hope this summer won’t be that harsh as the one last year.

I love bananas, in fact I will do whatever you ask me to do in exchange of some bananas. My friend Bingu the monkey give me bananas whenever I visit him. Do you want to hear a banana story of the bingu monkey? Read it here.

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