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The Proud Countryside Rooster

Good Morning Children

The sun was setting down on the horizon painting the blue sky red. The country rooster was looking at the sun going down, wondering where the sun is going to hide. Every day, the rooster gets up early in the morning before anybody else, and the first thing he does is a long announcement of a very good morning. 

You must have guessed who loves it and who hates the good morning announcement by the rooster. Hardworking people love to hear a rooster in the early morning, get up from their sleep to start the day full of energy, while some lazy people, curse the rooster and continue to sleep.  Anyway, the countryside rooster doesn’t care, he does his duty,  and he is always punctual. The rooster is proud and serious about his God-given assignment.

Tomorrow Is A Special Day

Tomorrow is a big day for him, the eggs laid by his wife hen have some cracks already appeared on the eggshells. That means anytime they will see his newborn babies coming out of the eggs breaking the shell. The hen who was sitting on that eggs for the past few weeks is also very excited about that. She warned her husband that they have to be very cautious about a cat and a snake roaming around them.

Tomorrow, I will have my babies running all around here. They’ll make me proud, the rooster thought. It was night, and he went to sleep with good dreams about his future family.

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