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Let Me Sing For You!

You sings very well

You Sound So Sweet, And Melodious Too!

“Wow, I envy you, you are such a great singer, you sound so sweet and melodious in your singing,” the dog said to the bird. “Oh, thanks for the compliment dear dog, but there is nothing special about my singing. We birds talk to each other through our tweets, sometimes low pitch, sometimes high pitch, which you are taking as bird songs. There are different types of tweets that are meant for different things,” said the bird.

“Oh, that’s a piece of new information for me. Anyway, you are a great singer. I am telling you this because whenever I hear you singing, I could sleep well during my daytime nap. Please continue to sing, I am enjoying it,” the dog said. The bird said that it’s pleasure and privilege for her to sing songs for the dog and is happy to sing.

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