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Be Thankful A Short Rabbit Story

praying rabbit cartoon
God, help me out!

Once upon a time, there lived a cute rabbit with her cute kids. They were a happy family, cared for each other. One day the rabbit mother was so sad because they had nothing to eat that day. She was in desperate need of some food stuff for her family. Her kids have to go to the rabbit school. She searched everywhere for something to eat, but there was nothing she could find.

“Ok, let me pray to God to help us out,” she said to her kids. So the rabbit started praying to God to help her to find some foodstuff. As soon as she finished the prayer and opened her eyes, she saw some carrots on the ground. She was very happy, and so her kids also. “Finally God heard my prayer, but how did that happen? she wondered.

She saw a truckload full of carrots speeding away. The carrots fell from the truck when the vehicle hit a hump. The rabbit was so happy about the carrots she received and again prayed. “Hey, Mom, why are you praying again, we already have got the carrots, right?” asked the rabbit kids. “This time I prayed to God to give thanks to God for answering my prayer in a very short time,” she said. Remember kids, you have to pray two times. One to throw your anxieties upon God and the second time to give thanks for the favors received from God.