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Nighttime Watch Dog

Watching it over

The French bulldog Prince is on his night duty again. Daytime, he spends most of his time sleeping but sprang into action like a hero during the night time. First, Prince will run around the house to make sure that everything is safe. After he has his dinner, around midnight he makes another round to make sure that everything is ok.

Prince is a smart dog, a gift from the house owner’s uncle. The dog got special training from a brilliant dog trainer Mr.Sam, who trained him on everything that turns a dog smart! Prince is very aggressive when it comes to dealing with suspicious people. If he sees a stranger, watches everything with a suspicious eye. Nothing will get unnoticed with his sharp eyes.

One day he saw a robber climbing the high wall of the compound. The dog didn’t make any noise, just watched the robber jump. Once he was inside the compound, he attacked him. The robber had to flee, caught by the police later. Everybody appreciated the Prince for his timely action. Once again, he proved that he has good planning in everything he does.

Do you have a dog smart like Prince? If so, please let the world know about him. Write something about him in the comment below.

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