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Elephant On My Way

Hi, How Are You?

Oops, a traffic block. Hey, elephant, please, please give me the way. I have no idea why you give me a hard time? I will be grateful to you if you allow me to go. I am back to my home after a long drive. I don’t have any idea about how to distract the elephant. I think she is serious. If I provoke her, she will throw me and my car away. It’s time to stay calm. I need a lot of presence of mind.

Hey, can’t you see my child is playing?  I will not move from here until he finishes playing. You better wait in your car until that time.

Oh, I see, now I understand why you are not moving out of my way. I see your calf is having a good time playing in the dirt.  It’s a good thing you are doing. Every mother does that to protect their kids from dangers. Ok, I will wait until your kid returns from the playground. I hope you don’t mind me watching the young elephant playing. Let me grab my camera to take some good snaps of mother and child. Hope you understand!

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