Circus Elephant Leaving

Hey, look at this!

Hey friends, today is my last show in this town. After this final show, we will be moving out of this town to a new place. My life as a circus elephant is so far great. I enjoyed performing here. Many children who have come to see me performing have become my fans. I think I am entertaining them that I could read from their faces that they have full of admiration for my performance.

As a circus elephant, every day is a challenging day. There is a lot of training and practice all day long. Even a single mistake could land me in trouble, so I have to be very careful about my job as a circus elephant. More than that, I have to keep up this circus company’s reputation through my performance. Last month,  a local newspaper carried a full-page photograph of me during one of my shows.

Look at this ball balancing performance. How many days do you think I took to master this trip? I was here from my childhood, been practicing on many tricks, this ball balancing trick I like to perform best. I get a lot of applause from the audience for my excellent performance.

Hey kid, why are you crying? Please don’t cry. I will be back after a few months to perform in this town again. Hopefully, we will meet again. Goodbye friend, have a great day, ah my train is moving.

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