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Bird And The Earthworm Story

I will not tolerate you

Bird: Hey Mr. Earthworm, stop there, you tell me a good story, if I am pleased with your story, I will not eat you.

Earthworm: I have no story, but want to tell you a fact. I heard that a bluebird died eating an earthworm on the spot.

Bird:  You fool, you are telling false information to get yourself escape from me? I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Earthworm: But I was thinking about that, why should a bird die eating an earthworm? I got the answer also, it is because the fields are toxic as chemical fertilizers are everywhere in the field. You know, we earthworms survive on eating soil, we turn toxic when we eat that soil filled with chemicals. So eating an earthworm can kill a bird, hope you understand!

Bird: Noted the point, you saved my life from eating you, you are free to go now. I am thankful for this great information. I will not eat an earthworm in my life. These silly men, what do they think when they fill the field with chemicals? They don’t know they are destroying the balance of nature by killing all of us and then kill themselves. I am going to tell my fellow birds about this and save them from dying eating worms.

Story Discussion

Loba: Earthworm is doing its duty without fail.

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