Anxious Bird Telling Her Story

anxious bird

I am deeply worried why he is not yet home. He never gets this late. I hope he is alright. Sometimes these farmers turns very nasty on us. They trap the birds, as they think the birds are destroying their corps. We live in this beautiful home of this tree. It is a great place to live. The climate is so good and our neighbors too. This tree has survived a lot of wind and rain and still standing strong.

Ah, here he comes. I was very much worried about him. Hey, why are you so late? I was very upset about why you are getting late. Oh, dear, I am too sorry, on the way, I met one of my old friends, and we had a chat for a while.  We had a lot of memories growing up together. One day, I will take you to my friend’s place.

He says he knows there is a place where birds can find a lot of eatables. Tomorrow he promised that he show me that place. Oh, I am very relieved to hear that. Anyway, be careful about any agricultural land, as those farmers will have traps. Yes, darling, I know about it, I will be careful, I promise you. Don’t worry.


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