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Bird Who Helped The Elephant

bird and the elephant
Let's Drink Water

It was a hot summer and the elephant was too tired even to walk. He was searching for water under the hot sun for hours, but couldn’t find a single drop of water anywhere. A little bird who saw the plight of the elephant wanted to help him. So he offered his help, but the elephant first laughed at the bird. “How can you help me, you are such a small fellow,” the elephant said. “But I can help you, I promise,” said the bird. So the bird guided the elephant to a river with good sweet water flowing.

Hey Mr. Elephant, here is the water I promised you. This river water is pure and clean and flows from the high mountains up there. Please drink to your heart’s content.

Oh, you are great, little bird. Thank you very much for your kind help, bird, for showing me where the water is. If you have not helped me, I would have been dead by now. Wow, the water is so sweet I will again come here with my family.