How A Horse Helped Rhino To Be Friendly

horse and rhino

Please let them pass!

“Hey, what’s up bro? I hope everything is alright with you,” asked the horse. The horse asked that question because he saw the rhino charging a group of elephants. The rhino was after the elephants who were trying to cross his territory. “I am fed up with these elephants. They want to cross my territory and create problems for us rhinos,” said the rhino.

“No, my dear friend, those elephants are not problem makers but are trying to cross your territory in their search for water. They are the most peace-loving animals. You know, it is hot summer all the water bodies have dried out.” said the horse. “Oh, I made a mistake by scaring those poor animals. Now I will allow them to pass through our territory when they come here next,” said the rhino.

After a few days, the elephant group appeared again to pass through the rhino territory. This time they had a big surprise as the rhino was happy to let the elephants walk through the place.  The happy elephants thanked the rhino for the hospitality the rhino has extended towards them.

The horse was also happy because he could melt the rivalry between the elephant and rhino.



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