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The Tiger Who Never Sleeps

Here my hunt comes!

Let’s walk through the jungle. This jungle has got plenty of wild animals, so be careful! Can you see a tiger resting on the top of that big tree? This tiger is very aggressive. He manages to climb any big trees at lightning speed and places himself comfortably on a branch of the tree. The tiger stays there for hours until he spots an animal on the ground. He watches his hunt from a distance, never misses his target, such a sharpshooter he is.

Nobody can find him over the tree that perfectly works out to his advantage. A small movement in the ground will make him alert. Once he spots an animal, he jumps into swift action, and everything will be over even before his prey realizes what had just happened to him, no chasing or running! Today it seems to be a lucky day for him.

Here comes a poor deer who is unaware of the tiger’s presence over the tree.  The tiger, even though hungry, waits for the perfect time to jump upon the deer. Swish here goes, flying from the tree. Oops, he just missed a perfect landing for the first time in his life. The deer was lucky started running as fast as she could. The tiger took some time to recover from the shock of missing his prey at such a close.

Here is a question for you. Have you ever seen a tiger hunting animals? Tell me in your comment.

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