Who Woke Me Up?

young lion sitting on the rock

It was a great daydream I had. In the dream, I was made the next king of the jungle. All animals came to me and shown their respect, bowing their heads before me. I stood there with pride. But my dream lasted only for a few minutes. Something fell upon me from the top of the tree. Hey, it’s a small bird.

“Have you got hurt?” the lion asked.  “No, because I fell upon your body, and it was soft, so it didn’t hurt me. Thank you, Mr. Lion, for saving me from getting hurt from the fall,” said the bird. “I had a dream becoming the next king,” said the lion. I bless you, here are my best wishes, you should become the next king, because you are so loving,” the bird said.

After a few days, the old king lion died. The young lion crowned as king.

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