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A Good Friend Acts Fast

My friend is in trouble!

“Hey, this is the same rabbit last time helped me to find the lost key. I think he needs my help. He is in danger. A good friend has to act fast when his friend is in trouble.

The bear saw the fox has already grabbed him and about to kill him. “Stop there!” roared the bear. “Hey, why should I stop? This rabbit belongs to me. It is the first hunt of the day, I will never let it go. If you want to eat a rabbit, hunt for it, don’t snatch it away from me,” said the cunning fox.

“If you don’t free him up, I will come to your home and trash your home. So better leave him,” said the bear. This time fox realized that the bear is a good friend of the rabbit. He left the rabbit and ran away.

The rabbit thanked the bear for his timely help. “No worries, it’s my duty to help a friend in need. Have you heard this saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed?” said the bear.  The happy rabbit went home and told everything that happened to his family. His family was happy to get their family head back from the fox.

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