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The Day The Bear Lost His Key

Oh, God I Lost It!

It’s winter again, a time for hibernation for the bears. Bears love hibernation because that’s the time they spend the whole time inside their home. “Oh, where is the key to my home? I think I lost my key. Where did I keep the key last time? Oh, God, I can’t remember it,” the bear was shocked to realize that he couldn’t find his key to his home.

The bear was confused about where he left his key after the last winter. Without the key, his family can’t enter the house and hibernate. He searched for the key everywhere, but it is nowhere to be seen. His kids and wife were growing impatient. “These days you are forgetting everything,” his wife complained.

A Helping Hand

“Hey bear, what’s the matter? What are you searching for?” asked a rabbit who happened to come that way. The bear said that he lost his home key, and was searching for it. “I am sure that I kept the key somewhere here,” said the bear. “Ok, I will also help you. I am an expert in finding things lost,” the rabbit said. Both the animals started searching for the key.

The rabbit saw a flash of light. He jumped to the place where he saw the object which was reflecting sunlight. “Here it is, I found your key,” announced the rabbit. “Oh, you saved me and my family’s hibernation, thank you very much, my dear rabbit. Please come inside and have lunch with my family,” bear invited the rabbit inside his house. The rabbit had a great time with the bear family. “Have a great sleep,” said the rabbit and went happily to his home to tell the story to his family.

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