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You Are Sweeter Than Honey!

What's the news baby?

“Hey, mom, look at what I have found! Today’s newspaper has a news about a honeycomb near our home. Mom, let’s go and find it out, I want to eat honey,” the bear child begged his mother.

“Ok, son, we will find out about it tomorrow. You have to go to your school today, tomorrow it’s a holiday for you, we’ll go and find out where the honeycomb is,” said the mother bear. The bear child went to school with the dreams of eating honey. The bear family was living peacefully in the jungle among a strong bear community.

The next day, they started early in the morning for their honey hunt expedition. The bearish newspaper had all the particulars about it, so they had no problem in locating the honeycomb. It was hanging from the top of a big tree, with honey drops dripping from it. The mother bear slowly started climbing the tree.

It took some time for her to reach the honeycomb. She grabbed it, and slid down fast. Both the mother and child bear enjoyed the honey fresh and sweet. “One day, I too will climb the tree and hunt honey for you,” said the baby bear. “You are sweeter than honey,” the bear mother hugged her son.

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