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Truck And The Train Race

train and truck race cartoon
Just wait for me

“Hey, train, you can’t beat me in this race, I have a powerful engine, better than yours, see how fast I am running!” boasted the truck who was overtaking the train.  The truck was running in its full energy, at its full speed, parallel to the train. “You are big and heavy, but still you are way behind, no body could beat me, I pity you,” the truck tried to provoke the train. But the train didn’t lose his cool, just smiled at the truck, running the same speed as he had before.

Soon, the truck was ahead of the train. After running for a couple of miles,  it reached a railway cross. You know that, a railway cross is where train crosses the road. The truck got a real shock when it saw that there were a number of big and small vehicles stopped, waiting for the train to pass.

The truck also had to stop at the railway cross, waiting for the train to pass. “How will I face him, it’s quite unexpected for me,” the truck was too shy to face him. Soon, the train came running slowly, whistling long. The trained glanced at the truck, smiled at him, and said, “Hey truck, you are right. I am big and heavy, so you wait here until I pass through completely.” The truck stood there completely dumb for the train to pass him, admitting his failure in the race.