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Fleeing The Wildfire

elephant trapped inside the wildfire
In The Middle Of Fire

“Help Me Please, I Am Trapped!”

One summer afternoon, a wildfire broke out in the forest. You know, summer is a time of wildfires. It can happen anywhere in the forest, all of a sudden. The wind took the wildfire, spread it over a large region. The trees, animals, and everything that gets trapped inside the wildfire will be destroyed.

All animals were fleeing the wildfire. Unfortunately, this female elephant couldn’t make it. She was trapped inside the wildfire as she couldn’t run that fast. There was nobody to save her or protect her from the wildfire. She knew that she is trapped entirely inside the wildfire, with no help in sight. The flames were dancing around her mercilessly. The intense heat made it a very painful affair. She started crying for help, but no animals were there to help her out.

There was nothing she can do, but to pray to God. Suddenly, it started raining. She knew that her prayers were answered through that rain. It was such a downpour, that put an end to the wildfire immediately. The elephant hived a sigh of relief, thanked God for the timely rain and left unhurt. She thanked God for that timely help.