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The Long Distance Train

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Ah, that was the last tunnel on my way. Finally, I am nearing my destination. It’s a summer night today. After a long journey for four days, now I am going to get some rest in my garage. I run thousands of miles every day, pulling several wagons behind me. Being a summer night today, I am very tired, I need some good rest to recoup the energy for my next journey.

Like any other steam engine, I love the countryside. I enjoy every ride, sometimes it turns adventurous too, sometimes unexpected brake down, a broken rail, I have to be alert all the time, especially when my wagons are fully loaded with passengers. If anything goes wrong, I know it can lead to a fatal accident.

My story will not be complete without telling about my efficient drivers, Mr.Sam, and Mr.Joe, who are very capable of guiding me through tough terrains. They too are old like I am! It’s not an easy task to control a steam engine compared to diesel or electric locomotive.

I will get a good overhaul after each trip and then again will start my journey. It’s tough, but I love that. Have you ever seen a steam engine in action?

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