Brownie elephant
I lost my path

Baby Elephant Adventures

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Mission Bingo The cat needs help, and Andrea promised him that she will help to solve his problem.

Hey baby, what happened? Why are you doing here in the middle of this desert? Let me take some rest here. This is a vast desert, I reached here because of a butterfly. No, it was not the butterfly carried on its wings. Oh, it was my foolishness. I was fascinated by that beautiful blue butterfly, which I followed.

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Unfortunately, somewhere I lost my track, and find I couldn’t reach my home back. The blue butterfly also disappeared. I have walked and walked until I reached nowhere in the desert. I feel thirsty, but nowhere there is a drop of water to drink. Anyways, I will wait here until my family tracks me down.

Hey kids, my advice to you is this. Don’t go after all those glittering things. You may forget yourself and fall in danger.

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