Lost Home Of The Cute Bird

The lonely bird was sitting on the remains of a cut tree. It was her home from her birth. She learned to fly from that tree. But now everything is changed,

Losing one’s home is a big blow to one’s life. The same was the feeling of the little bird.

It was a big shock for the cute little red bird, her beloved home is no more there, only the remains of the fallen tree, where she had her sweet home. For her, it was a lifetime project, the bird painstakingly built her home, picking the strands all by herself.

In the morning, the tree was there, but when she came back in the evening, all she could find was the remains of the fallen tree.  Now she has to live with the fond memories of her sweet home, thanks to the woodcutter, who has mercilessly put his ax on the tree. It’s time to build a new home, but that is not easy. She has to begin the search for a new tree, collect building materials to build her home.

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