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Bear And The Train

Bear please move away

Hey, bear, please give way, you are standing on my way. The bear had a bad habit of stopping the train by standing on the rail. Every time, the train slows down for the bear to move away from the rail. The bear was proud of his ability to stop the train. His friends admired him about his superpower to stop a fast-moving powerful train.

One day, as usual, the train was coming fast, and the bear stood on the rail. But this time, the train engine was different, and the drivers were also new. The train didn’t expect the bear to stand on the rail like that. Bear also surprised that the train was not slowing down.

The bear was hoping that the train will stop for him, but he was for a surprise. The train honed once and continued running. It was very near to him, about to hit him. The bear jumped out of the rail, he had a narrow escape from being hit by the train. From that day onwards, the bear never stood on the rail.

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