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An Under The Sea Conversation

Glad to meet you, the scuba diver

Hey, you, the scuba diver, what are you searching under the sea? If you are studying about undersea creatures like us, here is my story. The life of a fish is adventurous, especially when you people love to eat the seafood.

I don’t know when I will be caught and served to you on a plate! Some of my friends disappeared just like that when they got trapped inside a big fishnet. Another nightmare is the big whales and sharks that swim with their wide-open mouths. When they come, it is quite difficult to escape, especially when we swim together. Somehow I managed to escape all these dangers till now. I don’t know about tomorrow.

Today is a great day for me to swim around, but I have to worry about the fishing nets, blue whales, and sharks. Do you think life under the sea is peaceful? Not at all. I need to be extra cautious about all these dangers under the sea. Hey, beware, one tiger shark is around here. It’s time for him to appear. If he sees you, it would be difficult to escape his sharp jaws, see you later, let me go and hide for the time being.

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