Let's Thank God

The elephant admired the tree for the services it provides to other small and big animals. He thanked from the heart and let the tree know about it giving it a big hug.

It was a fine morning after the heavy rain the previous night. The elephant who was strolling around saw a tree.  The tree was a secured home for small animals and birds.

“Hey, you are an awesome tree, you are a home for many small animals and birds. Also, you bear sweet fruits, that we all enjoy, Let me hug you,” said the elephant to the tree. The elephant hugged the tree. The hug was too strong that the tree thought it will fall. “Ok bro, please don’t hug me that strong, your hug is too strong that it will make me fall,” said the tree. “Oh, I’m sorry about that. I just wanted to show you my appreciation,” said the elephant.

“Thanks for your understanding, my dear. Trees like me have a lot to do, to keep life get going. Do you know something? God made trees before he made the animals and humans. He gave us trees, a lot of responsibility, to keep the earth cool, and a good place for you guys to live. So let’s thank God who has made everything,” said the tree. “Yes, that’s true, let’s thank our creator who made everything possible,” said the elephant happily.


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