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Bingo Is Tough On The Rats

Got you finally

“Here you are, Mr.Fat rat, I got you. I know that you will come here, so I was patiently waiting for you. Are you playing smart with me? For the last few days, I was staying awake for this moment.  I’m going to finish you off because you rodents are destroying the park and its playthings.

Innocent Kids, who come here to play, fall from the playthings and get injured. I’ll never allow such things to happen in this park as long as I am here. You all well know that I work here as a security guard of this park. I’ve given repeated warnings to you to stop destroying the playthings here, and you always ignored me. Today, I am going to teach you rats a lesson that you will never forget in your life.

Bingo is a cute cat nice on kids, but tough on the rodents. He never tolerated rats destroying things of the park. But Bingo had a big secret buried deep in his mind, which he didn’t want to disclose to anybody. Being separated from his dear family, he now lives a lonely life in the park. Read his full story buying his kindle edition book from Amazon. You can buy it here.

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