Do Not Disturb Me

elephant taking bath
Wow, Water Is Cold

Hello folks, it was a hectic day for in the timber yard where I work as a timber elephant. Have you ever visited a timber yard? We elephants are busy during the day time dragging these heavy logs. There was a fresh truckload of timber from the forest I had to unload today. It’s a lot of hard work and sweat, unloading heavy wooden logs from those trucks.

Let Me Take A Bath Now!

Here I am now in the river, to forget all my hardships during the day, with a cool bath dipping myself into the river. Every evening I come to this river for this refreshing bath. I use my trunk to spray water on my body.

The village folks love to see me taking a bath in the river. They, especially kids, gather here on the banks of the river to see playing in the water. I even allow kids to come near me. They can even touch me and talk to me. They even bring me something to eat, especially bananas. I love to eat bananas, which I believe makes me strong and intelligent.

Tomorrow is a holiday for me, which means I am allowed to spend some more time in the river. Let me play, do you want to play with me?

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