Elephant And The Car

What will happen when a car hits an elephant? The pink car almost hit the elephant. The elephant was crossing the road in a hurry. He always looks around to make sure that no vehicle is coming, but the pink car didn't expect that.

The funny elephant, he needs to cross the road several times a day. One day as he was trying to cross the road, he heard a screeching sound of the car breaking. A pink car had almost hit him. 

The pink car said sorry about that. The elephant was first angry with the pink car. “I am sorry about that sir, I never expected you are crossing the road,” the pink car apologized.

“No problem, if you had hit me, you would have been broken into pieces. Be careful when passing through this place. Because several animals are crossing the road,” said the elephant. “Yes sir, I will be more careful from now onwards, thanks for the reminder,” said the pink car while he rushed to his place. Read another story of an elephant chasing cars.

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