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Mother's Love, A Tiger Story

Who is there?

The tiger mother was upset about a bear trying attack them. He wanted to force them out of that place, so that he can live in that place. If she was alone, she could have handled the bear easily, but with her cubs, she has a problem to fight with the aggressive bear. The bear well knows about this who wanted to make that place his home by forcing the tiger and her cubs to leave that place.

Time To Fight The Bear

One day while fishing in the nearby lake, the tiger heard the desperate cry for help from her cubs. She rushed to the place, where she had left her cubs playing. What she saw the bear was doing made her mad. She saw the bear was picking her cubs one by one. “How dare are you taking my cubs away from me? you scoundrel,” the tiger roared at the bear and jumped upon it.  It was a big fight between the tiger and the bear, the tiger cubs went hiding in the nearby bush watching the battle with fear in their minds. After the fierce fight, the bear had to admit his defeat and ran away to save himself from the angry tiger.

The tiger consoled her cubs and assured that the cruel bear won’t be coming back because she had dealt with him in such a way. The cubs were happy to hear that word of assurance. From that day they lived a happy life there. Read another tiger story Uncertainty.

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