A Grand Theft Story Of A Miserable Cat

It's lunchtime folks, the cat was very hungry because he got a pricey catch that day, a big. "I will finish it all myself," thought the cat. But he was for a surprise!

The country cat was too happy that he started to cry because he got a fish, a big fish that day. Where did he manage to get such a big fish? It’s simple, he robbed it from the kitchen. The cat tiptoed into the kitchen and grabbed the fish from the basket and ran away.  The selfish cat wanted to eat the fish all alone by himself, without sharing it with any other cats. So he was running, holding the big fish to find a safe hiding place, away from the eyes of other cats.

Finally, the cat found a good place for his lunch and sat under a tree. As soon as he was starting on the fish, he heard a big sound. Looking around, he saw a stick flying towards him. Can you guess who threw the stick on the cat? It was none other than the lady of the house from where he took the fish. 

The cat left the fish there itself and started to run to save his life. Since the lady got the fish, she just took it, and walked to the kitchen sparing the miserable cat. Other cats saw the cat running, mocked at him said that it was a grand theft story they will remember forever!

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